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Miniature donkey
We would like to tell you about the smallest donkey breed in the world, the Meditterrane Miniature Donkey. This is a pure breed and are all included with the ADMS, which is located in Texas USA.

Our history …
Since 1998 we have been in possession of the Mediterranean miniature donkey. Through a reading book we came in contact with a donkey association in the USA, where we have become a member of curiosity. In 1999 our first 2 jennets passed the ocean!

The Mediterranean miniature was originally used as a means of transport in the mountains. The mini, which has a golden character, humor and intelligence. A donkey can be up to 40 years old, you can realize what you are about, you will buy a friend for your life.

Choice mare, stallion, gelding.
When do you choose a mare? The mare can provide you with extra foals, which is why people often prefer this. Before you can ask the best, do I want to breed a foal Breeding also means taking responsibility, choosing a good stallion, sometimes very far away from you, accompanying you at birth, do I have time for that? How do I feed a foal?

Why a gelding?
For walking, or with small children, a gelding is often the best choice, they are stable, are fair, do not suffer from hormones. If you do not want to breed then this is a very good choice. In terms of price, they are the most favorable.

A stallion has feelings and has come to the earth to multiply. If he can not cover, then he becomes troublesome, starts to bite and often pounce. Whether that is a goat, sheep or child, beware because this can be very dangerous. Laughter is really out of the question!

There are many colors available, gray and brown are the original colors. This is often a matter of taste. However, you can not take a donkey off the “shelf”! We too are dependent on what is born.

Gray and brown are the “original” colors, black, red and fur, white was created later.

Our foals are being trained daily with hooves, walking on a halter. This gives you pleasant animals that are easy to handle for all ages. Precisely by exposing them to children, pressing music, wheelchairs, playstuff for the kids, obstacles on the sidewalk. It remains nice to “work” with it. Even at times when they have to be cut down, chipped, attenuated, dentist’s visit, at least a lot less stress. That is nice for the donkeys but also for the caretaker.

A mini is only a mini when the donkeys are provided with the original papers. A small donkey by definition does not mean that it is a real mini. There are many hijackers on the “coast” who would like to sell a donkey for a good price. Then you buy a cat in the bag! The breeders adhere to the price agreements, and will not deviate much from each other. If someone sits well below, ask yourself if this is correct.

A good mini is not for sale at Marktplaats! Even so check if the stallion have to be showed by the Dutch donkey assiciation, they check if the stallion has no falses. The mare wouldbe the best is she also showed. Only this can garantee that you have a real miniature. If they not show the miniature, we can only advice you, take care!! With each mare, a conscious choice is made to obtain a foal that can add value to the breed. That is why we work closely with colleague breeders.

Provide a night / winter stay.

What does a donkey cost in maintenance?
Furthermore, they must be vaccinated once a year (€ 25, – excl. Travel costs) and wormed 4x per year (1 spray per year per donkey € 15, -) the farrier (€ 25, – per time excl. Travel costs) comes approx. 4x per year? They eat half a pack of hay per donkey per day and 250 gr. Chunks. Provide a red lick and tap water.

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